I graduated in Philosophy from the University of Pavia and I studied filmmaking at the Scuola Civica di Cinema in Milan.

I worked as a professional journalist for various italian newspapers and magazines including Il Secolo XIX (for which I was correspondent at festivals), TimeOut Milano, Ilnuovo.it.
I collaborated as a director for Sky-Italy and as a video consultant for various exhibitions at the Museum “Triennale” in Milan. I filmed and edited many videos (see the page). My documentaries won nominations and awards at many festivals, including David di Donatello (the most prestigious Italian award).
I've been member of the European Fim Academy and I am member of the Italian Cinema Academy Jury.

I founded along with other people GhiroFilm to give life to projects that are not only appealing but can produce questions and promote discussions. Each production comes from the need to tell a story and take it forward along with the social milieu from which the story comes.

I taught filmmaking classes to children and to detained people. I was a teacher of Italian for immigrants for over three years.
I worked both in Italy and abroad, not only in the field of journalism or filmmaking. Some of those jobs were very important, or funny, others very boring, but all together they played a part into my world view.

My documentaries won prizes at these festivals:

Annecy Festival - Festival dei Popoli - Filmmaker Festival - Perugia Social Festival Premio Libero Bizzarri - Sguardi Altrove Film Festival - Trento Film Festival - Visioni dal Mondo Film Festival - David di Donatello Nomination - Doc/it Awards Trieste Film Festival - Working Title Film Festival

My works were broadcast by Ceska Tv, Sky Italy, Bbc International, Rai